Thank You x 1,000,000!

I meant to post this last week, but I somehow deleted it…with no draft saved. Hoping this one sticks! In my haze of disbelief (did my book really sell???) I wanted to make sure I thanked the people who were “in my corner” while I was drafting, revising, or on submission to publishers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Brent, my agent. He’s been super supportive since the day he requested my MS during Pitchwars

  • Speaking of Pitchwars, thank you to Sarah and Kellye, my PW mentors. They’re wise and level-headed, and kept me sane during this publishing rollercoaster

  • MAPID writers group, you’re my writing family and you’ve given me such good feedback over the last 5 years

  • Whitney, my oldest CP. OMG, our journeys have been so trying. Thank you for everything

  • Helen, my CP and PW BFF. Daytime sprinter extraordinaire. The Waldorf to my Statler

  • Canadian Annette, my hoodie twin. Hilarious and such an amazing talent

  • Roselle, thank you for your behind-the-scenes coaching. You willed the universe to show me a sign so thank you for that

  • Sheila, you’ve been there through the rockiest parts of this journey. I heart you so much

  • Kathleen B, Chelsea and Kristin, thank you for your friendship and hilarious group texts

  • Alexa, you’re the best PW co-mentor ever

  • Judy, I love our late night conversations about Korean horror movies. You make late-night sprinting so much better

  • Sub Support Group: such talented, supportive caring people

  • Sabina, Jenny H and Gwynne, I’m so happy I met you

  • Julia Chang, who was my very first beta reader. Thank you so much for reading that draft!

  • My family, especially my husband, thank you for not laughing at me when I said I was going to quit my marketing job to pursue this

  • My LA moms, Microsoft gals, B school buddies, college and high school friends, love you guys

  • Sandra, thank you for the emotional and technical support, I’m sorry I keep deleting things

And of course, thank you to Eliza my editor who took the book to acquisitions and made this all happen. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Suzanne Park